Saturday, January 17, 2015

2014 Panini Absolute Football

I picked up a pack of the 2014 Panini Absolute Football at Wal-Mart some time ago.   Finally got around to paying some attention to the 40 cards that came at a price of $4.99.  The base cards are die cut so there are jagged edges on each side.  Hard to tell from the photos but there is one on the left and two on the right.  This is not something I normally care for.  I like my cards to be the standard rectangle.  On these it is ok.  The more I look at these cards the more they grow on me.  I like the bold team colors as well as the big team logos on the front.   The pictures dominate the card as well which is something I really like.  The player's name and team are at the bottom with the background colors of the team.  The back of the card looks pretty nice with the standard info you seem to find nowadays but with a  good blend of team colors, team logo, and a portion of the picture from the front in black and white.  You'll find the player information, a write up, 2013 stats and career totals as well. 

So overall I like these cards.  If you at all like what you've seen in the pictures pick them up.  The base set isn't huge so you'll get a great lot of stars and rookies.  I only received one insert, a retail red T.J Carrie (Raiders) rookie card.  From looking at the description online there are plenty of inserts available in this set.  I just wasn't luck enough to grab one of the more sought after offerings.  Again, a good set which has a sharp design that I recommend to everyone. 

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