Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2014-2015 Panini Threads Basketball

The 2014-2015 Panini Threads were released this week.  I believe I heard these were only available at Target which is where I grabbed two packs for $3.99 each.  The each contained 10 cards.  A bit pricey but that is about all I'll complain about with these.  The photography on the front contains great action shots which is always a good thing.  The team logo is located in the top right or left of the card (random?) with the players name on against a vertical stripe background.  Both colors are team appropriate.  The Panini Threads logo is at the bottom centered between a collection of team colored stripes going to the sides at an angle.  I like the design which gives plenty of room for the photos.  The only thing missing is the player's position but that is a minor detail.
The back is also nice with the standard Panini collection of last year's stats and career totals at the bottom.  The card number, team logo, player personal stats and NBA logo are at the top left while a black and white version of the front photo fill up 2/3 of the upper part of the card.  The player's name is below the photo with a small write up below that.  Nice back.  Nothing special but considering Panini will never give us more than two lines of stats I like the photo and how the back is arranged.
 I pulled two inserts and two of the retired players featured in the set (Hakeem Olajuwon and Joe Dumars).  The inserts were a Gary Payton Century Great and Andrew Wiggins High Flyers card.  All four are nice cards with the old-timers being included in the base set being favorites of mine.  Looking at the checklist there are plenty of insert sets available in this version of Threads.  While the price point is a bit high for me I'll definitely pick up more of this set.  I did see the premium box which sells for $120 but couldn't pull the trigger.  Now it is even more enticing.  Nice design, great photos and plenty of insert options equals a good card set in my book.  Go getcha some!

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