Saturday, April 11, 2015

Braves Trade Kimbrel and Upton to San Diego

The Braves continued the job of rebuilding, or tearing down as many see it, as they traded away Craig Kimbrel and Melvin Upton Jr. to San Diego.  This one hurt.  Kimbrel's is signed through 2017 averaging $10.5M a year over the life of the contract (4 yrs).  I really thought Atlanta would hold on to him and he'd be a Brave for a long time.  Kimbrel is a stud closer and will be near impossible to replace.  Still the crux of the deal was shedding Upton Jr. and his contract one of the worst in the league, if not the worst.  The guy couldn't hit my weight in his time in Atlanta.  He was an absolute disaster at the plate.  I wish him well and hope he can turn it around but his time in Atlanta was not good.  I know everyone is looking towards 2017 when the Braves move into their new ballpark and the belief is all these young prospects will be ready to shine.  That is a lot of "ifs" for me. Way too many prospects never hit it big.  I just hope we aren't looking back two years from now thinking this was all for not. 

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