Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Card Review

Picked up a pack of the 2015 Topps Stadium Club baseball cards.  Five cards came in the pack.  Typical Topps photography on these cards which as always is very good.  The Billy Hamilton and Jason Giambi (yep he was still playing last year) cards stood out to me.  the big haul was a Tom Glavine card who is one of my all-time favorites.  The cards themselves are pretty simple with the players name, team and position at the bottom left of the card front in silver with the Stadium Club logo to the bottom right.  The backs are colorful with much of the standard info we have come to expect - name, team, player info, a small write-up, and the player's 2014 stats and career totals.  There is also a head and shoulders pic which is different from the front picture. 

I have to say these really remind me of the Stadium Club cards of years past (nice photos, glossy stock and colorful backs).  At first I didn't really like these cards.  But they have grown on me and now I've swung the other direction and will say without hesitation I like them.  Again the photography is first rate and that, combined with the simple front and nice back make these a winner for me.  I am thinking I'll pick up a larger pack of these to see what else I can pull.  Looking at the checklist there is definitely plenty to enjoy. 

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