Saturday, January 30, 2016

2015 Topps Road To Wrestlemania Trading Cards

I don't really pick up Wrestling cards very often but as someone who grew up watching wrestling on TBS and also throughout the early WWE days I do see myself as a casual fan.  So while I'm not up on all the current wrestlers I do pay attention to headlines and will pick up cards from time to time and did so recently grabbing two packs from two different Topps' sets.  The first is the 2015 Road to Wrestlemania which cost $4.99 and contained 21 cards.  I didn't pull any of the relics or autographs.  I did pull some stars including a Hulk Hogan insert, The Rock, Triple H, and Kane.  Other inserts were a couple of Hall of Fame cards, a Rocking WrestleMania (The Rock), and a two classic matches cards. 

The cards themselves have black borders or no border at all.  Makes for a darker looking set especially considering how may photos have dark backgrounds.  The photos are very nice and the style is pretty appealing.  The backs have short narratives based on the focus of the card.  This is a nice set and think it would be something wrestling fans will enjoy.  Being the casual fan at best I probably won't grab another pack but I did like this one. 

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