Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Cards

The 2016 Topps Stadium Club Baseball cards are sharp cards. They have great photos and not much to clutter up the front. Pretty simplistic approach that definitely works.  My favorite card is the Randal Grichuk card.  Awesome photo with the St. Louis Arch in the background.  Again the photos are very nice which is something you get used to with the Stadium Club brand.
The backs are nice if not spectacular designs that I also like.  I think Topps did a good job here as well  The negatives would be my pull and the price point.  Twelve cards for $4.99?  Ugh.  They are nice cards but I don't get it.  The pull was a little lackluster as well.  I wouldn't say I grabbed any stars.  While those two points are both disappointing I still think these are nice cards.  There are short printed variations that can be seen here.  I wouldn't mind looking for a few of those as there are some nice Braves cards among them.
BREAKOUT:  12 Base Cards (1 RC)


  1. I agree with you, this is one of the nicer baseball sets year in and year out but they are a bit high in terms of price per card. Mike Trout's card in this year's set is pretty great.

    1. His card does look great and I'll definitely pick it up if I get the chance.

  2. Stadium Club definitely hooked up Cardinals fans this year with the Grichuk and the Brock cards. Both are beautiful.