Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tim Duncan Retires

Tim Duncan retired after 19 great years in the NBA.  Duncan was a great player and nothing short of one of the all-time greats.  I loved how he just went about his business consistently playing a great overall game helping the Spurs win five championships.  He was a two time NBA MVP, three time NBA Finals MVP, adding 10 time All-NBA first team selections (15 total), and 15 time All-NBA defensive team selections.   You can go on and on but it still wouldn't do him justice. 

Personally I enjoyed watching him play and was happy he was able to bring to the Spurs such a great run of success.  My favorite Duncan moment didn't happen on the court.  After the 2013-14 conference finals San Antonio returned to the NBA Finals in a rematch with the Miami Heat who had defeated the Spurs in the Finals the year prior.  That was a great series that will go down as one of the all-time greats.  When asked about playing Miami he stated that Miami is no doubt who he wanted to play still stinging from the tough loss.  He didn't shy away from the question and it was out of character but it showed you the competitor he was.  And the Spurs took it to the Heat winning the series easily.  I'll always remember that turnaround jumper that befuddled so many defenders but off the court it was that moment I'll always  associate with Tim Duncan.  I'll definitely miss him. 


  1. I walked away from the NBA a few years ago... but every now and then, I'll still pick up a Duncan for my collection. He's always been a high character/low drama kind of guy with amazing talent. If I didn't stop watching basketball, I probably would have PC'd the guy.

    1. While he isn't a PC guy for me, I still pick up cards when I can. I agree with everything you said about him. Thanks.