Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Atlanta Hawks Sign Dwight Howard - Al Horford Goes to Boston

Dwight Howard is signing with the Atlanta Hawks for 3 years and a total of $70 million.  This move meant there wasn’t any more room in the front court for Al Horford who took a max deal with the Boston Celtics.  I like Dwight Howard and for all the flack he takes he is a great center though I understand he isn’t the all-star he once was.  Still he averaged 13.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game while shooting 62% from the field last year.  If your center’s name isn’t Dwight Howard you love those stats.  Bottom line here is I don’t think Atlanta made their team any better.  What they needed was a scorer and Howard is that guy anymore.  I think he can average between 15 and 17 a game in the right system but he isn’t that wing scoring guy they need.  I hope I’m wrong but this seemed like a very curious move to me but I know Atlanta has wanted to sign the local boy for some time.

Just as big in this is the loss of Horford.  He isn’t quite the big body Howard is and won’t put up the rebounding numbers but he was the most popular player on this team and regarded for being the “glue guy”.  Why wouldn’t you just give him the max contract he wanted?  Granted that didn’t necessarily mean you got better so maybe that is what the suits were thinking.  They had to try something.  There weren’t many dynamic wings (Durant excluded) available so maybe this was their best option?  Again I hope it works.  I’d hate to see the franchise lose a player like Horford in a gamble that doesn’t help the franchise.  Unfortunately I’m not sure if this was a good move and only time will tell.   

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