Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan Movie Review (Minor Spoiler Alert)

Saw The Legend of Tarzan this weekend.  This was a good movie.  Right off the bat it was different than what I expected. Most Tarzan movies start with him and his family in the jungle when he was a baby and it goes from there.  Here Tarzan is an adult and eight years removed from the last time he was in the there.  He reluctantly goes back to the jungle when he is told the tribes may all be enslaved by the bad guys.  Going back puts him directly in their crosshairs and cue the action. 

I just found the movie fun to watch. It incorporates all we know from the past Tarzan ethos while throwing a new spin on things.  The humor is fun as well and I think they did a good job casting the characters to help bring it all to life.   The plot is ok.  With all that goes into a Tarzan movie I think they did well.  Again it is very entertaining and if you like Tarzan or think you might you should give the movie a shot.  

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