Sunday, April 16, 2017

Flea Market Find: 1997-1998 Topps Basketball Box

 I was very excited to find a box of 1997-1998 Topps basketball cards at the local flea market this month.  This was pure fun.  I didn't collect much in the nineties so these are cards I am not familiar with.
I paid $12 for the box which was probably a bit much but I wasn't disappointed.  There are a ton of cards that'll go into my personal collection.  I love cheap boxes of cards.  The design is ok.  There is no position or even the team name or logo on the cards.  This is a cardinal sin for me but I'll let it go.  They are cheap cards for a reason.  I like the backs with a new color photo, career stats, write-up and player information.  This is how backs should be done even if I do need a magnifying glass to read them. 
The inserts were fun as well.  Not spectacular but for the time I think they did a good job.
I will say there were tons of doubles which was a bit disappointing.  I still managed to get the big stars, not counting Hakeem Olajuwon, who was the player featured on the box.  Go figure.  Would I buy these at price equal to today's cards?  No.  Again I look at this purely from a fun standpoint and the cards themselves are all a bonus.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat though at this price.   
384 Total Cards
7 Hall of Fame Stamp
 3 Topps 40th Anniversary Cards
2 NBA Draft Redemption Cards (#17 & #18)
2 Checklists
1 Pressure Points
1 Shooting Stars
1 Fantastic 15
1 Rock Stars


  1. I have a lot of great memories of this set. I got pretty close to completing it when new but I still haven't actually finished it off.

    1. If you have a list of cards you need I'll be more than happy to send whatever I can your way.

  2. At three cents a card it's a good deal. A lot of good players, fun photos and some interesting inserts. I agree about the backs. They remind me of Score (which I loved).

    1. BTW-I am following but for some reason it came up as my Google name rather than my Blogger.

    2. I'm with you. I liked the Score backs as well.

  3. Nice box break. I don't really do basketball anymore, but for $12 I might have picked up this box.

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