Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017 Panini Donruss NASCAR Racing Cards

Grabbed a couple packs of the 2017 Donruss NASCAR racing cards.  The design looks like classic Donruss and I like these cards.  There are ten cards per pack.  Would like to see a few more for my buck but this seems to be the trend here.  There is a mix of car and driver photos.  Driver photos can't normally be action shots it is nice to see some with drivers in non-standard poses or looks.
  I love the '84 Donruss design and it is utilized here in the retro design cards.  You'll also see the Rated Rookie cards.  I was pretty happy with my pull with the Kyle Busch, Danica Patrick car, and '84 retro Chase Elliot being my favorites.
Race Kings and Race Queen are part of the set.  I didn't pull any but love these subsets across all the sports in Donruss sets.  I'll definitely go looking for the Kings subset  Again I really enjoyed these cards and I'm sure I'll pick up another pack or two this year. 

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