Sunday, April 9, 2017

Football Card Repack

A while back I purchased my first repack boxes - a baseball and football at a Walgreens for $4.95 each.  This is the football box.  With the football cards I did get many cards from sets I've never actually had before so that was definitely a bonus. 
There were 75 cards in the box as well as one unopened pack.  I'd never opened repacks before but had a good idea of what I was in for.  Not a ton of stars but I won't complain.
I probably knew 95 % of the players and there were plenty of names to make it fun.  The Jadaveon Clouney card was definitely a nice surprise but unless you are O.K. with just opening these for the fun of it, I would move along. 
Is it worth the money?  No.  But I enjoyedit and pulled probably 10 cards I'll add to my personal collection.  My next post will look at the baseball repack box.       


  1. I've only opened two of the football repacks, but it seems like there has been a better mix of cards in them compared to their baseball counterparts. The unopened packs seem to be from better products as well, products that someone might actually want to get a pack of unlike the Triple Play packs that seem to always be in the baseball repacks.

  2. I agree. I definitely enjoyed the football more even with less cards. So correct on the Triple Play packs - those are garbage.