Thursday, September 6, 2018

2018 Donruss Football

With tonight's Falcons-Eagles game kicking off the 2018 NFL season I thought some 2018 Donruss football would be appropriate.  Overall I like these cards if not wowed by them.  The pull wasn't the most exciting either though it did deliver Super Bowl hero Nick Foles.  He truly delivered a game for ages defeating New England for the Eagle's first Super Bowl championship.  There better be a photo on a trading card some day with him catching that pass in the Super Bowl.  I really like the All-Time Gridiron Kings John Lynch card.  This "canvas" card has a great feel to it and the art is great in my opinion.  I'll definitely search more of these out.  
A punter card!  I love it and Hecker does have one heck of a leg.  Earl Campbell was the lone retired great.  I'd have loved to see more retired greats but Earl Campbell was the only one I snagged.  If I'm only going to pull one he is a great one to get.  A quick look shows there aren't a ton of retired greats and they are pretty much the same we've seen in previous years.  I'm not complaining but would like to see a little more variance here.  Seems like it wouldn't cost too much to grab one or two different retired greats each year just to shake it up.
 The star power in this pack is right here.  I do like the design overall though the player's names can get lost against some of the background colors.  The backs have enough color to be fine with me.
Joe Mixon is one of the four blue Press Proof cards I pulled.  I will grab more of these cards for sure  as the season goes on.  Can't wait to get an in hand look at the other brands as well.
30 – Total Cards
4 – Blue Press Proof Parallels
3 – RC
1 – Rated Rookie
1 – Retired Legends

1 – All-Time Gridiron Kings


  1. Those are some sharp looking cards. I have yet to find the 2018 Donruss football anywhere. I like the look of the base cards; like that Big Ben card alot!

    1. Hopefully you'll find some soon. They finally hit my local Wally World. Definitely means I'll be picking up more.

  2. The jury is still out on this product design. It's not terrible... but it's not great either (IMHO).

    1. It's growing on me. At first I wasn't sure but I'm in a spot where I know I'll grab more.