Sunday, September 23, 2018

Random Wax: 2018 Donruss Football

Grabbed another pack of the 2018 Donruss football.  This set is growing more on me.  This card of Ron Jaworski is really sweet.  That is probably my favorite Eagles uniform - perforated jerseys weren't all that but this one always stands out in my mind and is how I remember Jaws.  
  Love that Matt Ryan card and the all red uni.  Not saying I want to watch a whole game with the Falcons in them but I dig it on this card. 
A pretty good pull though not spectacular.  I know Fournette has started off slow, and injured, but if he can stay on the field he really can be a workhorse.
Joe Thomas was great and I was sorry to see him retire.  I love how he didn't go to the draft to go fishing instead.  Of course he was also a great player and I've liked what I've heard of him in interviews and small parts as a media guy.
 A nice Josh Allen rookie.  I'm really hoping he can be the franchise quarterback us Buffalo fans have been waiting for.

30 – Total Cards
4 – Blue Press Proof Parallels (1 – Rated Rookie)
3 – Rated Rookie (Total)
2 – Retired Greats
1 – RC
1 – Elite Series

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