Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Matchbox Jurassic Park '93 Jeep Wrangler and '93 Ford Explorer

I, like many, have always been a big fan of Jurassic Park.  I remember being in awe seeing it in the theater.   When Matchbox released the 1:64 '93 Jeep Wrangler and '93 Ford Explorer movie from the movie I was stoked.  

These are the "muddy" versions from the Land Rescue Series of the Matchbox 2018 Jurassic World collection.  There are different versions within the collection but I really wanted the muddy versions.

These cars are just perfect for having some fun.  I couldn't resist grabbing the camera and heading outside with a few of the grandson's  dinosaurs.  

I was also able to snag these cars for my grandson.  Can't have him playing with pappie's right?  lol  He is a huge Jurassic Park and dinosaur fan so he was super excited.  

While these seem tough to find in the wild to some extent it seems like some of the 5-packs with these two are still around.  With Hot Wheels and Matchbox is it is all about looking every time you get a chance.  You just never know when a case will be put out.

These are found in the Jurassic World toy section, not the regular Matchbox area.  Matchbox has done a good job covering the Jurassic World car spectrum but so far these are the only two I've picked up.
That's enough showing these sweet cars off.  It's always fun to find cars that mean something to you like that special movie you that was huge when you were young and is one of those all-time greats.  


  1. Big Jurassic Park fan. If I didn't already collect a million other things, I'd try to hunt these down for my own collection.

    1. I know the feeling. I do pick up some Hot Wheels and other 1:64. I'm sure the wife would appreciate it if I didn't.