Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Basement Find: 1986 and 1987 Fleer Baseball Mini Sets

Part of my basement find were the 1986 Fleer Mini and 1987 Fleer Mini baseball sets.  There are 120 cards in each set with the '86 set having 16 stickers and the '87 set having 18 stickers.  I'm not a mini guy but maybe I was back in the day.  I don't remember picking them up but that was a long time ago.  These are up for trade.  I may not get them out until the beginning of August but just let me know.  It was fun looking through these sets as the players from this ear are huge in my baseball fandom and baseball card collective as a whole.
Some of my favorites from the era.  The '86 set was in order by team rank order from the previous season so Royals and Cardinal players were the first two teams in that order.  I always liked how Fleer did that.
Nice photo of Reggie hitting in his Angels uni.  He really only had one good year with the Halos but he was still mashing.
Some more greats from the eighties.
The '87 set ordered the players by last name.  Not sure why Fleer departed from their norm.  The regular sized set still had the players grouped by team based on the previous year's finish.
That's a good photo of Dwight Gooden.  There didn't seem to be as many action shots in the '87 set compared to the '86.
Just had to get Mark Langston and his hair in the post.  These were all fun to look at but I won't be keeping them.  There are some individual cards I like but again minis aren't my thing.  Side note:  I'm on twitter if anyone is interested at Bulldog2189.



  1. I remember trying to get my hands on that Canseco. It was a pretty popular card in my area back in the day.

  2. He was mashing the ball left and right. He was a popular guy around the country back in the day. Had to be a shorter print run on those things though I know there was still a gazillion printed.

  3. Yeah... I'd say there were less of these made than his rookie card with Mr. Plunk. There were probable even less mini sets produced than the 1986 Fleer Update... but that's just a guess.