Sunday, July 28, 2019

I Went to a Concert: Alice Cooper and Halestorm

Me and the 19 year-old daughter took in the Alice Cooper, Halestorm and Motionless in White concert Thursday night.  It was a great time with all three bands putting on a good show.  Alice Cooper's show was a huge theatrical presentation.  While I've always liked Alice I'm definitely not a hardcore fan nor did I know many of his songs prior to getting ready for the concert.  He sounded really good and I think this vocal style helps his vocals stand the test of time.  He is 71 but really you don't see it in the show.  I'm sure it is different from what he put on 30, 40, 50 years ago but we thought he had a lot of energy and rocked the stage.  
Alice had a great band and everything you expect from an Alice Cooper concert - guillotine, giant baby, teen Frankenstein, a decked out set and all the trimmings.  It really made for a fun show to watch.  A couple of videos folks have uploaded to YouTube from the show:  Poison and School's Out (Lizzy Hale joined Alice on stage for the finale)
 Alice played 21 songs (setlist here) but it seemed to go very quick.  He doesn't interact with the audience which I don't think I've ever seen at a concert which probably plays into the pacing.  He never talked to the crowd until the end when he introduced the band and thanked the crowd.  It isn't a negative.  Just different.  So glad we had this opportunity and for the first song of the encore (Under My Wheels) he came out in the stage in a customized St. Louis Blues jersey (#19, Cooper).  Nice nod to the local crowd which everyone loved.
If Halestorm wasn't on the bill I probably wouldn't have gone to this concert.  It isn't anything against Alice Cooper but I am a big Halestorm fan and that tipped the scales.  Lizzy Hale and the boys were great.  A ton of energy and great music.  As an opening act they were only able to play 11 songs (setlist here) which was the only negative.  I really wanted more.  I just can't say enough them and my daughter and I both agreed they were the highlight of the night for us.  A few videos folks put up on YouTube from the night:  Familiar Taste of Poison, Love Bites, I Get Off  
Motionless in White look and sound like a Marilyn Manson family reunion.  And that wasn't a bad thing.  They play very hard and we both really enjoyed them though we had no clue who they were prior to them getting on stage.  I won't go search out their music but again they were good onstage and I liked their energy and driving music.
The venue is top notch and everything was a win for us.  Getting to see a classic in Alice Cooper and a personal favorite in Halestorm made for a great night.


  1. The only reason most singers talk to the crowd is that they want to take a break from singing. For a 71 year old to go 21 songs in a row is pretty impressive!

    1. No joke. For his age he really did put on a show.