Thursday, June 26, 2014

Carmelo to Houston? I'm not feeling it...

I'll make this quick.  I don't react to a ton of rumors because more times than not they don't go anywhere.  This one I just can't figure.  Some reports have Houston trying to get Carmelo Anthony and to do so would trade James Harden to clear the necessary cap space.  I like Carmelo but I just can't see anyone thinking he is better than Harden.  He is a great scorer and that is what I like about him.  But Harden is probably the best shooting guard in the league.  And while he'll never be confused with Magic Johnson he is also a big time scorer in this league.  I can't come up with one argument as to why Harden is better than Anthony.  Again I like Carmelo but I think if I'm any team I'd rather have Harden instead.  Assuming Houston can't get LeBron James I think resigning Chandler Parsons is the best move for Houston.  He won't give you 25 consistently but he definitely fits what Houston is doing.  I think if Houston can add quality depth or an excellent power forward or point guard they could be in the mix in the Western Conference.  I just don't see a Dwight Howard-Carmelo pairing being better than Howard-Harden.  Again, this probably won't come to fruition but every time I see this I bristle.  We'll see what happens.  Where Carmelo goes will if nothing else change the look of some team out there drastically, and it may be Houston's.  I just don't think it would be an improvement. 

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