Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Crisis at the Mexican Border

I don't jump into the political ring often and when I do it is definitely something that is important to me. The issue of illegal immigrants seems to have, not easy, but obtainable solutions.  Yet an answer hasn't been put in place over decades and it has again come to the forefront.  I just don't get it and it frustrates me to no end.  Some towns and farmers on the border must deal with illegals who can sometime be dangerous.  It is also sad to now see local governments and towns burdened with the current influx since the administration has decided to ship the people all over the country while they await hearings or deportation.  Those trying to enter the United States illegally are also at risk whether it be by their shady guides or just the elements themselves.  What doesn't help is the administration now having no firm answer for sending them right back.  By allowing them to stay for any amount of time over a day gives them all hope that they may be able to stay.  And hope keeps them coming.  I know this can't be fixed overnight but it can be fixed. 

I won't say I have the answer but I have liked some of the solutions that have been floated out there.  Using the military to defend the border is one.  The National Guard and Reserve units are activated two weeks out of each year.  Maybe some of those units can augment others that can be put in place.  A force year round would ensure little to no illegal immigrants make it across the border.  Whatever happened to the "giant fence on the border idea"?  I know it was a gazillion dollars but isn't the President asking for four billion dollars now to deal with the problem?   I know neither is an easy answer and maybe not even the right answer but it seems that over time something like these, or something completely different, could have been put in place to stem the tide of illegal immigrants.  Again the lack of all the administrations throughout the years is maddening.   

Some will argue that we are a country built on immigrants and that we should not be concerned.  There is truth in that but those were days when a good part of the country either hadn't been settled or was sparsely populated allowing for more growth.  Today we have too many issues with joblessness and the lack of job growth to absorb the current influx of people.  There is also the issue of caring for them when they arrive.  They don't walk into new jobs nor do they have medical coverage.  This means they are supported by the local and national governments.  Of course they can be productive citizens at some point but until then the taxpayers must pay the bill.  And then once they are established and have a job does that mean they are taking a job from someone already in the United States?  To my simple mind that means yes. 

I do understand there are issues in other countries from which people will want to flee.  This still doesn't mean we can accept everyone.  Smart people must figure out that happy medium.  I hope against hope the congress and the President will do just that.  It didn't start during Obama's administration nor did it start during Bush's.  This has been an issue for many many years and all those administrations failed to enact a proper solution.  Watching the stalemate on Capital hill doesn't give me much hope but that is where the answers must come from.  I just hope one comes soon for those having to deal with this issue directly as well as those making the dangerous trek with false hopes of permanent residency. 

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