Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 MLB Post Season - The Wild Card Round

AMERICAN LEAGUE:  I don't have much time but wanted to touch base on this if even for a quick minute before the wild card games start.  First my teams didn't make it but I'll touch on those topics in another post.  Second I couldn't be happier for the Kansas City Royals.  I've always watched them from afar and, like Pittsburgh, have wanted them to be relevant again.  Hosting the Oakland A's in tonight's wild card game is a good start.  This is a good team.  Not one I'd expect to do much damage in the playoffs past this game but I would still like to see them get a shot at the Angels and have at least one additional playoff game in KC.  Oakland is also a team I like to see do well.  Maybe it is the small market thing.  Actually I know it is.  Still they've had their shot winning their division the last two years only to fall in the first round.  I would definitely root for them if they make it past Kansas City but I'd like to see the Royals move on.  That said I think Oakland wins tonight in a close game.  I like Lester in the playoffs and think that gives Oakland the edge.  Still Kansas City should give them a game of it and a play here or there and they'll be headed to Los Angeles for the next round. 

NATIONAL LEAGUE:  Pittsburgh is another team with a soft spot in my heart.  They are also playing well right now and I think they'll beat San Francisco at home tomorrow night.  This should be another close game but if either wild card game becomes a blowout this would probably be it.  I like the Giants' pitching staff better overall but Pittsburgh has Edison Volquez going and he gives them as good a chance to win as anyone.  Either team will be lucky to make it a series in the next round against Washington but you never know.  You just need to get there and hope you catch a few breaks.  Again, I think Pittsburgh wins this one in a close game. 

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