Sunday, March 29, 2015

2015 Donruss Baseball

Grabbed a rack pack of the 2015 Donruss baseball which amounted to 30 cards for $4.99.  Last year when I blogged about the 2014 Donruss baseball I lamented a lack of subset inserts.  Not this year.  Plenty of subsets to enjoy this time.  The fronts again have a classic Donruss feel to them with the giant Donruss logo adding to it.  The fronts are sharp with the name prominent at the bottom while the borders are white with primary team colors interspersed on the sides and bottom.  The "team name" at the bottom of the card doesn't include the mascot since Panini doesn't have the MLB license which also explains why you won't find the logos on the cards anywhere.  Twenty years ago that would have been a deal breaker for me.  Not anymore.  I can push through that and enjoy the cards for what they are.  Would have liked to see the player's position on the front of the cards but that is about all it was missing.
I pulled five former players and you know I enjoy players from yesteryear in today's sets.  I pulled Pete Rose (above), Frank Thomas, George Brett, Ernie Banks, and Bo Jackson.  All great cards and it is nice to see Rose on new cardboard.  I also pulled a Frank Robinson all-time Diamond King.  I've always love the Diamond Kings from the Donruss brand.  Different subsets or inserts I pulled were a Buster Posey press proof numbered 256/299, Yoenis Cespedes elite, Mike Trout grand stand, Rusney Castillo "The Rookies" (also pulled his rated rookie base card), and a Kennys Vargas studio card.  All were very good looking cards and having that many non-base cards was a pleasant surprise.  My big pull was the BatKings Ryan Zimmerman card shown at the top of this post.  I've only pulled two relic cards before with both of those being NBA jersey cards so pulling a bat card was pretty cool.  Not sure what I'll do with it but I really got excited seeing the card. 
 The backs again harken back to the old Donruss style. I'm ok with that but I prefer having more than one years worth of stats plus the career totals.  The backs have a red background with the player's name, personal data and a disclaimer at the top.  Below that are the stats and a quick write-up.  The card number is in the upper left inside the outline of a baseball.  This is a detail I definitely like. 

This set isn't perfect but I like it.  Where Topps' Heritage set fails I think these cards do a great job of combining an older style with good photography to give us a nice looking set.  I had a great time with the variety and style I found in this pack.  I recommend these to everyone. 

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