Thursday, October 15, 2015

Baseball Mogul Diamond Review

This year I picked up Baseball Mogul Diamond.  The last version I had, and reviewed, was Baseball Mogul 2013.  Diamond is a Major League Baseball simulation game that uses players from 1900 to allow you to play teams and leagues as you wish.  You get to be the manager and general manager as well as the player during in game simulations if you wish.  I love this game.  I can get lost in it for an hour or so without even thinking.    I won't go into as much detail as the 2013 review so please take a look at it to get more information.  Bottom line with Diamond is it is a very good simulation game that allows you to play with players from as far back as 1900, customize leagues, have fantasy drafts, be a general manager, a manager, make trades, set strategy, sign free agents, and much much more. 
Setting Lineups & Managing the Minor Leagues

I love the ease.  I usually start my franchises in 1964.  I complete a fantasy draft which allows me to draft some of the all-time greats.  I tend to have the computer finish most drafts as they can be plenty lengthy.  From there I try to win with the team I drafted.  If that doesn't work I quickly go to work making trades to build up my minor leagues with prospects.  Trading is easy and I love the feeling of making decisions that could turn things around.  I mean who hasn't thought they could do that.  Each season takes me less than an hour to go through depending on how many individual games I end up finishing (usually not many).  As you progress throughout the years, you'll see things change just as they did in the majors - more playoff teams, division alignments, and expansion teams. 
Individual Game Screen
I suggest starting with the big market teams the first time you play this game.  It is very easy to start running out of money when you aren't keen on the nuances.  You don't want the game to get frustrating before you know how to play so starting with a big marked team with a bigger budget allows for a little easier going early on.  Games can be saved at any time so you can play one game, multiple games or even multiple seasons.  I love that. 
Standings, Team Stats, Quick Budget View, and Team Leaders
The game is also available on Amazon.  Some of the reviews are pretty negative.  I take this into perspective.  I think this game offers a lot of great options, stats, capabilities, and simulation choices.  For me the price point is great considering how much is included.  I get that there are hardcore fans of this game who want to see more and better changes but I think this game does a great job providing what is advertised.  Some think it should do more but I think much of that is sour grapes.  This is a great game. 

Individual Player Stats & Scouting
Sports Mogul allows you to download a free version of their 2012 Baseball Mogul game here.  It doesn't have all the functionality but you'll get the idea.   The only real drawback to me is the lack of Major League team licenses.  While it is a bummer the logos are the only things missing.  You still have the actual teams and team name.

If you enjoy baseball at all enjoy the thought of being a general manager in the major leagues you need to check this game out.  It is nothing but a joy for me and I think serious fans will also get hours of fun from it.   
Available Free Agents

Free Agent Negotiations

Trade Negotiations

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