Monday, May 23, 2016

2016 Bowman Baseball Cards

Base Card, Base Parallel (Metallic?), Prospect
Grabbed a jumbo pack of the 2016 Bowman baseball cards.  This set is a dream for prospect guys.  21 of the 35 cards were prospects.  I'm not a huge prospect guy so I'm so-so on this set but I'm always willing to give cards a try.  The base cards are nice looking cards.  Nice sized team logos, the player's position, Bowman logo, player name and "1st Bowman" on appropriate cards dot the fronts.  The photos are good but don't seem to live up to the standard Topps baseball cards.  Those photos just seem to pop.  The backs are nice if not special.  There is some color and the write-ups are a bit different.

I have a Sonny Gray metallic card?  I assume that is what it is. Silver would have been my second guess but those are numbered.  The chrome and yellow parallels add some color but didn't necessarily enhance the set for me.  Not really a pack of stars though with prospects you have to play the waiting game.  Maybe in five years I will know better whether that statement is correct or not.   

Bowman Scout's Top 100, Prospect Yellow Parallel, Prospect Chrome Parallel
I will definitely look for some of the base cards but probably won't grab any more packs.  Very nice design on these cards so I wouldn't mind seeing some of my favorite players that are captured in the set.

35 Total Cards
14 Base Cards (1 Metallic)
20 Prospect Cards (6 Chrome Parallels, 5 Yellow Parallels)
1 Bowman Scout's Top 100

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