Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2016-2017 Panini Complete Basketball Cards

I enjoyed last year's Complete Basketball cards and really looked forward to this year's offering but had had a hard time finding them.  Finally snagged some of these low end cards from Panini.  I'm not quite as taken with this year's cards but I still like them.  They seem to be of a heavier stock this year.  This design is nice and the photos good.  Not sure why they don't hit me like last years.  It is something I can't put my hand on.  Still, for the price, these are good cards.  Grabbed one insert, the Kevin Love away game card jersey and two colored parallels.  This is a huge set with 400 cards.  Great for collectors but can also mean star players are tough to find.  I did grab an Anthony Davis parallel and two Kevin Love cards so I can't complain too much.  Again good cards and won't doubt that I'll grab more at some point.  


  1. The away inserts are pretty hard to find. First I've seen this year's gold parallel too. I really like the set but they should not call it complete when it's still missing so many players.

    1. I've seen that complaint a few times. It has to be one of the biggest offerings of players but still leaves fans wanting more.