Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017 Topps Baseball Cards

The 2017 Topps baseball cards were released this week and I always look forward to their release.  I picked up two 36 card packs.  These are nice looking cards with the graphics at the bottom and lower left of the fronts.  They contain a nice team logo, the player's name, team name and position.  The photos, which are always the highlights of these cards, were excellent as always. 
  The backs of the cards are colored in the team's colors.  I like that.  Otherwise it is definitely a solid effort with the stats we are used to from Topps.
Topps again has league leader cards which I'm a big fan of.  Great to see Topps keeping these cards in their sets. 
I received two of the 1987 Topps baseball inserts - Frank Thomas and Ken Griffey Jr.  These cards look and feel just like the original issued cards.  These are nice cards which I liked.  The award winner cards are nice but nothing special.  I liked the first pitch cards as they are always fun.
Bowman Then and Now & Two Checklist Cards
I like these cards.  They have great photography and a pretty good mix of base cards and inserts/subsets.  Fun way to start the year and is what gets me thinking about the upcoming baseball season...well I will after the Super Bowl tonight.   

72 - total cards
43 - base cards
8 - league leaders
4 - award winners
4 - team cards
4 - rookie cards (RC)
3 - rated rookie (one also had the RC designation)
2 - 1987 baseball
2 - checklist cards
1 - Bowman then and now
1 - first pitch

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