Sunday, March 12, 2017

Card Show Find #3: 2016-2017 NBA Hoops Trading Cards

This is the last of my "finds" from last year's card show put on by After the Game Inc. in St. Louis.  A 2016-2017 Hoops hobby box isn't technically a find since I went looking for these cards.  This was the first new hobby box I've bought in 30 years?  Who knows, a long time.  I did purchase a box of the Star Wars Rogue One series 1 cards earlier this year so hopefully this doesn't become an expensive habit.  I like these cards.  Nothing too splashy but they get the job done.  Good photos though I would have liked a few more of players playing defense or showcasing their ball handling skills. Those probably aren't that sexy on the fronts of cards so I get why we don't see as many of those shots.   

Each box came with two autographs.  I nabbed Seth Curry and DeAndre Bembry of my Hawks.  Not spectacular pulls but I'm still happy.  The other notable was the #116/149 Karl-Anthony Towns green parallel though I also grabbed an artist proof #/25 and two silver parallels #/99.
The cards have a nice design and the photos are good.  I pulled very few doubles and grabbed most of the big stars so I can't complain with the makeup of the box.  The different inserts and parallels were ok though nothing that just wowed me.  Doesn't mean they weren't fun, just that I probably won't go searching for many of those later.  The NBA 2K17 cards were really duds for me.  They are video game screen shots I guess and were very underwhelming.  Considering I got three of them I would have been happy with something different.  I was hoping for a Champions Trophy Portrait card which I think look really cool. The Road to the Finals cars were my favorite insert.  They highlight players in particular playoff games.  Again good cards. 
288 - Total Cards
1 - Hot Signatures (Seth Curry)
1 - Hot Signatures Rookies (DeAndre Bembry)
7 - Road to the Finals
3 - NBA 2K17 Kobe Bryant
3 - Silver Parallel (1 Artist Proof #/25 & 2 silver #/99)
2 - Blue Parallel
1 - Green Parallel (#/149)
2 - Team Leaders
1 - Courtside, Picture Perfect, Spark Plugs, Highlights, Tip Off, Bird's Eye View, Action Shots

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