Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hawks Lose to Spurs

Was able to catch a good portion of the Atlanta Hawks - San Antonio Spurs
game Wednesday night.  I rarely get to see the Hawks play so it was a treat.
Atlanta lost 107-99.  The Spurs looked pretty good even without LaMarcus
Aldridge and Tony Parker, and Kawhi Leonard not playing up to his normal
standards.  No big surprises for me.  The Hawks are who I think they are.
They are a very good team that could still make noise in the Eastern
Conference playoffs if everything falls right but they just don't have a
scorer to put them over the top.  They have guys who can get buckets but no
true blue get you a basket guys.
Milsap is very good but won't necessarily take them to the next level - at
least not alone - and Atlanta may regret not trading him at the deadline if
he walks in free agency.  Dennis Schoder is a good young point guard and Tim
Hardaway has become a good scoring option but Kent Bazemore is not the
scoring threat they had hoped he would develop into while Thabo Sefolosha is
good supporting player but that is it.  Dwight Howard is playing well but as
in this game his free throws cause him to be off the floor in close games.
Pickup Ersan Ilyasova is a nice addition to the team but comes off the
bench.  I just can't see Atlanta ever being better than a fifth (currently)
or fourth seed but also wouldn't be surprised if they drop further in the
standings.  They need a dynamic wing player.  We'll see how it plays out but
I think the playoffs will end similarly to years past which isn't that good.

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