Saturday, December 9, 2017

Card Show Baseball Singles

I also grabbed baseball cards at the card show.  I think this is a nice looking Hank Aaron card from Topps that I hadn't seen before..  I really dig the uniform so this was a win for me.  There are always plenty of baseball card bins to dig through so it is always tough for me as I could spend all day.  I was able to get pick up some favorite players and found some cards which I've never seen before which is always fun.  
Yadi always seems to have nice looking cards and these will be good adds to my collection.  Jim Rice is another all-time favorite and this is a card I didn't have.  
The Diamond King cards are nice cards and I was really happy to pick up some favorite players from the brand.  
Never seen these cards before so I grabbed quite a few.  Only showing a few here but they have a great look featuring plenty of all-time greats and some who were great in the World Series.  Fun find.  
Not a big Heritage guy but that won't keep me from picking up some personal favorites.  I really like this Altuve card.  


  1. Nice Altuve. The 1965 Topps sets is one of my favorite designs... which is why I'm also a big fan of the 2014 Topps Heritage set.

    1. Definitely a good design for Topps. I really like the Altuve photo. Not the standard head and shoulders shot we seem to see on those classic designs.