Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Score Football Cards

I like the 2017 Score football cards despite a somewhat busy front. I like the color, team logo and the border.  It all works while not leaving me with the feeling it is at the expense of the photo.  The backs are also nice.  Plenty of color with a photo, logo, minimal stats and write-up.  Lots to like here for me.  I'll definitely pick up some more when I get the chance.  The Christmas season has put a cramp in my card buying budget, all for the greater good of course, but maybe Santa Claus will throw a pack or two into my stocking.  
There were 40 cards in this pack and there were plenty of inserts.  There were 13 different inserts in this pack so if you like those this may be a good set for you.  
I like the Drive Team insert that had three legends from the Miami Dolphins - Bob Griese Larry Csonka, and Paul Warfield. Not always a fan of these because the photos can be small but I liked this card - a quick nod to great players from a team's past.  I did think the Color Rush cards could be done differently.  These are mostly white cards which seems to me takes away from the whole supposed color theme.  Not sure why but I'm also a fan of the Huddle Up card.  
40 – Total Cards
7 – RC (1 – Showcase)
2 – Color Rush
2 – Signal Caller (1 – Retired Legend)
1 – Huddle Up
1 – Big Man on Campus
1 – Scorecard
1 – Red
1 – No Fly Zone
1 – Drive Team
1 – Reflections
1 – NFL Draft
1 – Hype
1 – Round Numbers

1 – Standout Numbers


  1. Are you trading any of the cards? I collect the Steelers and like the Antonio Brown and Steelers Huddle Up cards.