Sunday, April 22, 2018

2016 Donruss Baseball Retail Lot of 24 Packs

I've had this lot of 24 retail packs of the 2016 Donruss baseball for some time now.  It has taken some time for this set to grow on me, mostly due to my initial feelings of not having the MLB license, but it has.  I picked up the packs as part of a Dave & Adam's purchase.  Being retail there is no guarantee of an auto but I was still game for the price of $14.95 for 208 cards.  While I didn't grab an auto I did get some numbered cards and just enjoyed busting a bunch of wax.  This Molina card is definitely one of my favorites.  I tend to think Topps does a better overall job on the photos for their cards but there are still some nice photos here though they are definitely lean onfielding pics.  

I love retired legends and Yaz is my all-time favorite Red Sox player so this was a fun pull.  Rickey is also an all-time favorite.  
I nabbed two numbered cards - a Test Proof Cyan #/49 and a career stat line #/463.  Really though that test proof card does nothing for me.  There were also a couple of pink border parallels.  They didn't look bad.  I was leery at first but seeing them in hand won me over.    
These Diamond Kings aren't the Kings of old but I've seen worse (see 2018 Donruss).  Would have liked a bit more color on these cards.  The Power Alley cards are pretty sweet and this was my first look at the USA Baseball cards which are nice.  
The retired greats are a bit draw for me.  The retro '82 design is fun.  Overall these are nice cards and finding a good deal was an easy way to grab a bunch of these cards.  I love opportunities like that even if my wallet isn't always on board.

208 – Total Cards (24 X 8)
24 – 1982 Set (6 – Retired Legends)
16 – Retired Legends
7 – Diamond Kings
5 – The Rookies
5 – Rated Rookies
4 – USA Baseball
3 – Studio
3 – The Prospects (1 – Test Proof Cyan #/49)
2 – Power Alley
2 – Masters of the Game
2 – Pink Border
1 – Career Stat Line (#/463)

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