Sunday, April 8, 2018

2018 Topps Gypsy Queen

The 2018 Topps Gypsy Queen baseball is another solid offering of this brand.  The fronts have a similar look we've become accustomed to with enough changes to ensure you know it is their 2018 set.  I'd like to see some team logos and a less pronounced GQ logo but otherwise the fronts are nice with good space for the photos.  The backs are fairly simple with a short write-up being the highlight.  These cards and their old school aesthetics appeal to me each year.  I wish the price point was a bit easier on the wallet though.  While my pull was a bit bland I still like the design and in particular the Wilson Contreras card stood out.  Nice reaction photo taking up the majority of the card for a close-up feel.  
Beyond the green parallels I also pulled an indigo parallel that is numbered /250 of Addison Russel.  Paul Goldschmidt will go into the personal collection and this pack also shows Evan Longoria in his new Giants uni.  I like this set.  I may or may not pick up more packs with the price point being the only thing that would hold me back.  
23 – Total Cards
17 – Base
5 – Green Parallels
1 – Indigo Parallel (#/250)


  1. Miss the framed parallels... but I just saw the Tarot inserts for the first time today. Those are really nice.

    1. I had not seen those cards yet and had to look them up. You're right, those are nice looking cards and I'll have to keep an eye out for them.