Tuesday, April 24, 2018

2017-2018 Contenders Basketball Blaster Box

I already picked up a pack of these in March and couldn't resist picking up a blaster box of 2017-2018 Contenders Basketball.  I pulled an auto in the Contenders Draft Picks brand last fall.  No auto this time but I did grab a Rookie Ticket Dual Swatch Markelle Fultz/Donovan Mitchell card.  Great card.  It looks pretty cool and Mitchell is a about as hot as any rookie out there right now.  I probably won't hang on to the card long as it'll probably end up on eBay or as trade bait but it is super nice pull.  
  Grabbing a Blazer is always a win as is personal favorite Kawhi Leonard on this Winning Ticket insert.  The Die Cut Kobe isn't bad.  I like the colors and the card looks cool even if die cuts aren't a favorite of mine.
A pretty decent pull.  I thought there were plenty of stars and the inserts were pluses for me. 
 I do wish there were more retired greats, maybe as base cards, but I'll always take the ones I do get and be very happy.  And how can you not like Grant Hill?

Overall a really fun box.  I'll always grab more of these when I can.  You don't get a ton of cards but I do like the base cards and inserts.  With a guarantee of  an auto or relic the price tag on these blasters is a bit more palatable.  

40 – Total Cards (2 Red Parallels)
2 – Winning Tickets
2 – Hall of Fame Contenders (1 – Retired Great)
1 – Superstar Die-Cuts
1 – Front Row Seat
1 – Playing the Numbers Game
1 – Rookie Ticket Dual Swatch

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