Monday, July 2, 2018

Deadpool The Movie

Wow June was busy.  Here's hoping to getting more posts out in July.   I'm two years behind but I finally saw Deadpool.  I was never a big fan of the character but Ryan Reynolds' great pub for this film and what he has done since has won me over.  This really was a fun movie.  The language is a bit overdone but it didn't affect my enjoyment.  Ryan Reynolds does an awesome job with this character.  While the movie obviously makes fun of itself it really has plenty of laugh out loud moments.  This is definitely a different take on the super hero genre and I think it does really well and what they set out to do.  I'm looking forward to Deadpool 2 which I've heard from friends is better than this one.       


  1. Deadpool is one of my favorite characters... but that's solely based on his looks. The whole "ninja" thing is cool. As for the movies... I've seen both. They're okay... but I'm more of an Avengers kind of guy when it comes to the films.

    1. This is definitely not a traditional hero flick and not sure I'll watch this again. Still I enjoyed it and will to see #2. I think the Avengers films, and most of the others, have been great. I always look forward to seeing them even if I don't make it to the theater for each.