Monday, May 28, 2018

Random Wax: 2017-2018 Prestige Basketball - BOOM!

Wow.  This was just a random 2017-2018 Prestige basketball pack I grabbed since we are almost to the NBA Finals and this auto happened.  This has been an unreal NBA card season for me.  This is my 5th autograph since November and 2nd of Jayson Tatum.  The other three were of Luke Kennard, Mario Hezonja, and Jake Layman.  I've never experienced anything like this and I'm aware of how lucky I am.  I don't really collect autographs so this one is also up on eBay.  The card itself is a great card especially in light of last night's game and the Eastern Conference Finals as a whole that just finished up.  Tatum posterized LeBron in the game last night and that's a great look (or not) on James' face in this card. 
The rest of the pack wasn't bad either but of course it was just a blur once I saw the Tatum auto.
  Parallels included this Bright Green Micro Etch rookie and a couple of rain parallels.  De-Aaron Fox is a rookie I thought might have a little better first year but I still think he can turn into an excellent player long term.
Quite a few inserts as well.  I like the Stars of the NBA and Rookie Class cards.  

And Tatum once again...

30 - Total Cards
5 - RC
2 - Rain Parallel
1 - Bright Green Parallel
1 - Stars of the NBA
1 - Rookie Class
1 - Hardcourt Heroes
1 - Hightlight Reel


  1. Nice Tautm auto! That was a heck of a pack there, lots of guys I'm starting to follow/collect. I watched game 7 last night and Tatum was the only Celtic that was shooting well (aside from Horfford in the low post) If you haven't already sold it I'd suggest holding on to the Tatum auto(s) until next year. If Irving and Hayward are healthy that team is going to be sick!

    1. It did well quickly. That is always the hard part - hold on to a card in hopes it will go up or get the quick sell. For me I will normally do the sell. I think Tatum will be a great player in this league but you just never know. Those small doubts and the fact I need to pay for my habit leads me to normally sell cards of any value. I may regret that at some point. I purchased the Star basketball sets original back in the early 80's and they sold them off before they went huge. Talk about regrets...