Tuesday, August 21, 2018

2018 Big League Baseball

I've been looking forward to the 2018 Big League Baseball cards.  I enjoy sets that aren't too serious and allow you have some fun and this set was designed with young collectors in mind.  The cards are a bit of a thinner stock but that is ok as they don't feel "cheap".  I like the design but would have liked to see almost any color other than the gray they used as the primary color on the front.  Just too bland.  Had to highlight the Odubel Herrera card with his great hair.  I thought I'd see more fun pics like this on the cards but they really weren't to be found.  
  I love seeing Jeff Bagwell in newer sets.  The Kris Bryant card is one I like and who doesn't like 5 tool extraordinaire Bartolo Colon?
  I loved pulling Jose Altuve but the design, when in hand looks like it was cut short at the top.  Still I like the card.  That's a great Honus Wagner pic on the gold parallel.
I do like these cards for the most part and will pick up more.  The 30 cards for $4.99 was more than I expected considering the target audience.  That price point puts them in line with the base set.  I thought these would be a cross between the Bunt cards, which I loved, and Opening Day cards but these don't have the fun vibe I get from either of those.  I haven't see enough yet to think these are really that kid friendly.  Maybe I'm just mad the cards with the dogs got axed.  I really want to like this set and will look for more packs to break.  Maybe some different inserts will help sway me.
30 – Total Cards
4 – RC
3 – Gold
3 – Retired Greats
1 – Stat Kings
1 – Ministers of Mash

1 - Base Players Weekend Nickname Image Variations

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