Thursday, August 2, 2018

2018 Panini Prestige Football

This pack of 30 2018 Panini Prestige football cards was fun.  I like the design and the photos.  The design isn't straight forward but it still works for me keeping the player front and center.  I'll definitely grab more of these as I get the chance.  
  I thought my pull was pretty good snagging some top players from around the league as well as scoring big with personal favorite Devonta Freeman.  Players on new teams were shown in their new unis which is a plus as well. 
The backs really stood out to me.  They aren't necessarily that important but these are colorful with big color photos on a dark background spanning a good part of the card. 
Those Gabriel and Cobb Jr. cards are some type of parallel but for the life of me I have no idea which one they are.  They just look shinier to me, not any specific color.  The Stars of the NFL insert is a bit different but not bad.
The Power House and 2018 NFL Passport inserts are cards I really like.  Not sure why the Passport card does it for me since is is 80% writing/20% photo.  The colors that come through on the Power House cards are something I like.  Nice Barkley pull.  

30 – Total Cards
5 – RC (1 – Unknown Parallel)
2 – Power House
1 – Unknown Parallel Base
1 – Stars of the NFL
1 – 2018 NFL Passport


  1. Those are some nice looking cards! I like the Roethlisberger and Fitzgerald cards.

    1. I like that Fitz card as well and it is headed to the PC. I always like how wide open his eyes always are.