Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Random Wax: 2018 Prestige Football

Picked up a jumbo pack of the 2018 Prestige football.  I do like this set.  The price point (30 cards for $4.99) is also more in line with what I'd expect as well and definitely helps my ability and desire to pick more of these up. The inserts are pretty nice as well and there were a total of four in this pack.  
    The Calvin Ridley Power House was the pack's highlight for me.  I'm hoping he'll help my Falcons offense by giving them another top receiver to complement Julio.  Also like the Andrew Luck card.  I'm really hoping he can stay healthy and have a great year.  I'd hate to see so much potential go to waste due to injuries. 
My pull had plenty of star power and while I shouldn't be surprised to see Josh Gordon again I was.  We'll see if he can get/stay on the field and live up to some of his potential.
The Derrius Guice card below is one I like but unfortunately I believe he is now out for the year.  
30 - Total Cards
4 - RC
2 - Xtra Points Parlallels
2 - Power House
1 - Stars of the NFL
1 - NFL Passport


  1. So weird seeing Jimmy Graham with the Packers. Can't wait to see how his numbers fare with A-Rod throwing to him.

    1. I'm with you. I'd think he has to put up good numbers again. Would be nice to see him shine with the Pack.