Friday, August 17, 2018

2018 Topps WWE Heritage

While I don't actively follow the WWE right now I always enjoy looking at the cards Topps puts out.  I grabbed this pack of 2018 WWE Heritage and was happy with what I found.  I'd seen this Liv Morgan card many times and was so hoping I'd pull it and I did!  Borrowing from the 1989 Topps design (not sure why they skipped '88 after using the '87 design last year) these cards look pretty good.  There are also plenty of different designs and inserts in this set so that you won't get bored.  
The cards cover wrestlers across the RAW, SmackDown Live and NXT brands of the WWE.  Future Stars and Topps All-Rookie cards are also familiar parts of this set.  
The bronze parallels give a little extra color as one of the different parallels available.  I like the Top 10 Rookies Dash Wilder Card.  Great classic design with a WWE take on it.  The Ric Flair Hall of Fame Tribute card is also a favorite of mine.  I like the Hall of Fame logo and it is a pretty cool picture. 
The Big Legends cards come 4 per fat pack and do a good job of showcasing past greats with the dual photo format reminiscent of the 1989 Topps Big design.  A Shawn Michaels tribute card and a Tag Teams and Stables card round out my look at this set.  A Pack to be Named Later also did a nice post on these cards and I like some of those he pulled.  I like the designs and the variety this pack offered.  While not a big wrestling guy I'm definitely thinking of grabbing more of these packs or at a minimum grabbing some singles.

17 – Total Cards
4 – Big Legends
2 – Tag Teams and Stables
1 – Top 10 Rookies
1 – Future Stars
1 – Topps All-Rookie
1 – Bronze Parallel
1 – Shawn Michaels Tribute
1 - Ric Flair Hall of Fame Tribute Part 3

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