Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mystery Mail Day

Mystery mail arrived yesterday in the form of this 2014 Prizm baseball card of Kris Medlen.  First and foremost thank you to whoever sent this great card.  Second I apologize for not knowing who sent it.  The town it came from does not match an address of bloggers I've exchanged cards with.  I'm hoping the "guilty" party will reveal themselves to me.  This Medlen card is a Red Prizms #25.  Bonus it is actuallynumbered #1/25.  Too cool.
 Medlen was a very good pitcher for Atlanta and was sorry to see him leave after 2013 but injuries cut his career with the Braves short.  He signed with the Royals and helped that team win a World Series in 2015.  Injuries again affected him and played his last season with the D-Backs in 2018.  Love this card.  Again he played very well for Atlanta, the surprise mail day is great, and love this card.
    This card was the only other thing in the envelope.  Not sure if it was for fun or as a clue but I like it.  Thanks again to my mystery mailer.  You made my day.


  1. I received the same type of pwe. It’s a mystery for sure

    1. The mystery thickens. Can't wait to see who it is.