Monday, February 3, 2020

Kansas City Wins Super Bowl LIV!

Super Bowl LIV was a fun game.  We knew San Francisco had a great defense and they had KC's number for 3 1/2 quarters but the Patrick Mahomes and that offense would not be denied.  And at the same time the KC defense found what it took to slow down the 49ers consistently.  The Chiefs had to feel lucky to be tied at 10 at the half with the way San Francisco's defense seemed to be chasing Mahomes every play.  Given how the third quarter was much of the same and the start of the fourth was a disaster they were darn lucky to only be down 10 with 7 minutes to go.  Still I thought, when it was 3rd and 15, that the 49ers were ripe for victory.  Like many I was wrong but that set up the improbable comeback that was great to watch.
Andy Reid at his Monday morning press conference: "I didn't spend the night with the trophy. I spent it with my trophy wife." 
Kansas City was just too good to be denied.  The San Francisco defense finally seemed to slow down after that big catch by Hill and the Chiefs could do no wrong.  San Francisco deserves all the props they get.  They were a great team this year and looked like the eventual world champions for much of this game.  Rooting for the Chiefs I'm really happy for Texas Tech alum Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and and ex-Buffalo Bill Sammy Watkins.  They had a ton more stories on offense and defense - Damien Williams, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, that defense, etc, etc...  I'm happy for Chiefs fans who waited exactly 50 years and the franchise who have had many good teams throughout the years but couldn't get back to the big game.  Good NFL season and sad to see it end but it won't be long and we'll be back here doing all over again.


  1. I lost $100 on the game... but I couldn't be happier. Congratulations to the KC Chiefs!

    1. lol funny how that happens but glad you can be happy for the Chiefs.