Friday, February 28, 2020

Random Wax: 2019 Topps Archive Baseball

2019 Topps Archives:  Archives is a set I really enjoy so it sounds like a good one for a Friday.  This pack was very similar to another pack I busted last year.  Still it is a fun pack and product.  With three different designs hopefully you like at least two out of three.  We'll kick this off with World Series Champion Juan Soto.  It was fun watching these guys win the Nationals' first championship.
That's my second Tatis Jr. I've pulled from an 2019 Archives pack.  Hoping to see good things from him.  Also got to see Tatis on a White Sox card thanks to Padrographs and the cards he sent me.  That post was up on the blog earlier this week.
Love the old photos like this one of Pirate great Honus Wagner.  Really makes these cards fun.  Fun pack and I can't wait for this year's offering.  

I'm a big fan of these Topps Magazine cards and pulling one with The Wizard on it makes it that much better.

18 – Total Cards
6 – 1993
5 - RC
5 – 1958
4 – 1975
1 – 1975 Mini (1:78 packs)
1 – 1994 Future Star
1 – Topps Magazine


  1. Soto, Tatis, Maris, & Wagner..tough to beat those four! I like all three of the designs used in this set, but for some reason I never bought any packs.

    1. I like the variety and Heritage hasn't clicked with me the last few years. I like these quite a bit.

  2. prolly my favorite product last year

    1. Mine was Big League but this one I really liked as well. Having retired greats is a big plus.

  3. As much as I'd love to pull that Tatis rookie out of a pack... that Wagner stole the show.

    1. I can't argue. By a long shot. It is too cool.