Sunday, February 2, 2020

Random Wax: 2019 Playoff Football

2019 Playoff Football:  This year's Playoff set is slowly catching up to Score as my favorite 2019 Football set.  The sleek design and deep retired greats roster do it for me.  I'm rooting for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs today.  With no dog in the fight I do like Mahomes, a Texas Tech alum, and have to root for the Chiefs who haven't won a Super Bowl in 50 years.  And then there is Andy Reid who deserves a championship on his resume.  I'm expecting the game to be close but hoping KC pulls it off.
Again the design is simple but one I like.  I do think the logo could be more prominent but I won't complain.
Today will be tricky as my wife really, really dislikes the Chiefs and the city of KC.  Not exactly sure where those feelings are rooted but it makes for a tricky watch as I try not to be in over the top mode rooting for Kansas City.
It'll be interesting to see if Cleveland can get that team turned around.  I'm not completely sold on Baker Mayfield but the fans of the Browns have suffered for so long.  Good news for them is Big Ben can't play forever.  Bad news is they have many years of LaMar Jackson to look forward to. 
Here are some of those great retired greats we get to see in these packs.  That 49er uni is my favorite in the team's history.  This was a fun pack and great way to start off Super Bowl Sunday.  No matter who wins I just hope for a good game.  

Eric is a top 10 guy for me and love that Ram's uni.  The photo is pretty nice too as we get to see his classic upright running style and you can see his trademark goggles.

40 – Total Cards
13 – Retired Greats
6 – RC
2 – Green Parallel
1 – Air Command
1 – Thunder & Lightning


  1. I like the way those Thunder & Lightning cards look..,

    1. It is a cool design. No argument there. Just needed a Falcons or Bills version. :)