Saturday, March 21, 2020

2020 Topps Heritage

2020 Topps Heritage:  Heritage isn't a brand I tend to enjoy.  I'm not a big fan of the older designs so this is purely a personal preference.   Doesn't mean I won't take a look at it each year.  This year's design is a redo of the '71 cards.  Pretty plain and doesn't do a lot for me but I've also seen worse.  I'm sure collectors aren't fans of those black borders as they tend to show every little fault.  
This pack didn't have quite have the star power throughout but for a 20 card pack I won't complain.
You have to love a leaders card like this where it says they are leading the league in...oh wait it doesn't.  These are the league leaders in wins by the way.  I do like that on the back there must be 50 pitchers listed.
  Backs are fine.  Kind of standard fair for Heritage cards.
Plenty of rookie cards.  Probably my last pack of these but that just means there will be more for other folks to grab.  I was happy to pull Arenado and Davis.  

20 – Total Cards
3 – Rookie Stars
1 – League Leaders


  1. I never cared much for the original '71 set, but there's something about the team/player text on the front that just seems off to me.

    And thanks for pointing out the pitching leaders card. Do the other stat cards (ERA, strikeouts) also say "pitching leaders"? Or does Topps think that wins are the best way to determine a leader of all pitchers? If so, I wouldn't mind this one, since Eddie Rodriguez is third :P

    1. Definitely looks like there are other league leaders cards for pitchers. So maybe Topps has all the pitching categories covered but the sparse fronts makes it difficult to know what's what. Rodriquez was a nice surprise for teh Red Sox last year adn will be needed this next year with Sale out and Price gone.

    2. In 1971, the idea that having the most wins made you the "pitching leader" was more plausible. Topps is just using that wording in this set because it matches what was used in 1971. They wouldn't use that on a new design.

  2. I like the posed shots of Arenado and Edman... as well as the well cropped photographs of Quintana and Frazier. I'd probably go out and buy a complete set on eBay if there weren't so many big names listed as SP's.