Saturday, March 14, 2020

2020 Topps Opening Day Hobby Box

2020 Topps Opening Day:  Been under the weather this week so I'm happy to finally get back to some cards.  I know Opening Day isn't a brand everyone cares for but I'm a big fan.  I like the logo and set.  With a smaller set size you get plenty of stars.  There are also some different insert sets and photo variations.  Hobby boxes do come with the chance for autos and relics.  I did not pull any this year.  This is my third year of buying a Opening Day hobby box and so far one auto.  A Kyle Freeland from last year.  Again hits aren't guaranteed...just nice bonuses.

   That Matt Olsen photo is great.  There's definitely a fun story there and I wouldn't knowing what it is.
More cool photos.  The Freeman for the nice throwbacks and another great A's action photo as well as a nice emotional shot from Gurriel.
The young stars of course get their chance to shine in the set.  Alvarez there with the not so common RC/Rookie Cup combo.
Inserts include Spring Has Sprung, which include all-time greats, and Dugout Peeks.
That Albies is a blue foil parallel.  There are 2020 copies of each but they aren't numbered.  But why not?  May's hair has to be tops for the year so far.
Team Traditions and Celebrations inserts.  That is a cool bat chandelier.
Mascots are a staple of Opening Day.  You'll also find stickers like this Bellinger.
You see some photoshop goodness on some cards like this Cole card.  Still getting used to the vertical styling on this year's design though.
Opening Day inserts showcase opening day moments from each team.
Plenty more stars.  I also Pulled Trout and Kershaw but they'd been shown in early 2020 Topps posts.  This was a fun box.  For the price and enjoyment I call it a win.  I get the Opening Day logo and plenty of stars as well as the main up and coming stars.

This is really one of the great photos in the set.  The emotion, headband, and classic uni make this a winner.

252 – Total Cards
17 – RC
16 – Opening Day
11 – Rookie Cup
7 – Mascot
5 – Spring Has Sprung
4 - Stickers
4 – Team Traditions and Celebrations
3 – Blue Foil Parallels
1 – Dugout Peeks
1 – RC/Rookie Cup


  1. Some nice base cards in this set. I think Olson (and the A's) might be celebrating a walk-off home run. The Spring Has Sprung inserts are really nice. I seem to be more interested in Topps inserts than base cards this year. Usually I get annoyed at all the inserts because I'm trying to complete the base set.

    1. The base design isn't that exciting this year to me. I'm not saying it is bad but not connecting with me. Makes me look at the inserts more for sure.

  2. I'm saving my box for Opening Day, whethe whenever that may be. Are the Dugout Peeks only one per box? It looks like the set I want to build, but maybe not as a box hit.

    1. I'd done that in the past as well. Went ahead and did mine early this year. I only pulled one Dugout Peeks. Packs say the odds are 1 in 2,310 packs. Wow that was a great pull and I didn't even know.

  3. That's a great photo of Clemente on the Spring Has Sprung insert.

    1. It is. Insert sets like that make for good chances to see more unique photos.