Sunday, March 1, 2020

2019-2020 Contenders Draft Picks Basketball Blaster with Auto

2019-2020 Contenders Draft Picks:   This is the last of the four blasters I purchased forever ago. 
These blasters come with an auto and this one is no different.  Moses brown is also a Trail Blazer which is a nice bonus but he isn't moving the needle any averaging three minutes per game.  We'll put him away and see if that changes.  We'll kick this post off with another Trail Blazer Damian Lillard.  This is a Draft Ticket parallel no less.  
I'm enjoying the regular season but I can't wait to see what happens in the playoffs. Kawhi Leonard and The Greek Freek will be front and center when they kick off.  Milwaukee is so good and if they don't come out of the Eastern Conference this year I think they'll feel like it was a lost opportunity. 
Irving and Griffin are out for the season with injuries but Jayson Tatum has come into his own this year scoring 23 ppg, grabbing 7 rbg and shooting 39% on seven three's a game.  Boston, currently third in the Eastern Conference, could be very dangerous in the playoffs.
De'Andre Hunter is playing better of late for the Hawks.  I'd really like to see him finish strong and come back next season even better.

Another fun box of these cards.  I'll finish it off with The Admiral.  This is a nice looking card and fun seeing these guys in both unis.

42 – Total Cards
7 – Legacy (1 – Duplicate)
7 – School Colors
7 – Game Day Ticket
2 – Draft Ticket Parallels
1 – Draft College Ticket Autograph Parallel


  1. I really hope this is Milwaukee's year. I'd also like to see Dame pull Portland into the playoffs, though Morant and Memphis are a great story.

    1. I think there is tons of great basketball being played and great stories. I'd love to see Milwaukee get a championship this year. It has been so long and they and the fanbase could use it. Portland just doesn't have it. They may get in the playoffs but they are so inconsistent and just bad at times. You have to like what Memphis is doing coming out of nowhere.

  2. Between watching Kobe highlights and reading tons of basketball posts (mostly surrounding Zion and Luka), I haven't been this excited about the NBA in years. It's cool seeing The Admiral in his Navy jersey.

    1. There's some really good basketball going on this year. Fun to watch and follow.

  3. That Lillard is really fantastic, I think I would've considered that to be the "hit".

    1. I agree. I'm very happy with that card that is for sure.