Friday, March 6, 2020

Random Wax: 2020 Topps Baseball

2020 Topps Baseball:  This is a fun Washington Nationals heavy pack.  
Brings back plenty of memories of a fun World Series.
I'm not that big a Ripken guy but that really is a cool looking card.  Of course the 80's are my jam so maybe that is it.  That's a gold #/2020 parallel Sandy Alcantara card.  Hoskins seems like an odd choice for a highlights set.  He is good, especially at getting on base, but for a guy who hit .226 (.236 career) last year it seems like there are plenty of players who may be better suited for something like this.
I'll be curious how David Price does in L.A. this year.  Wish him the best.  Judge is just too good  not to include here even if he is a Yankee.
As always there are plenty of nice horizontal cards as well as nice team cards.  While it isn't what is happening, it sure looks like some guy just put his hand on Soria's backside.  Just saying...
Nice Mallex Smith photo.  One of those speedsters I like.  
A fun pack with all the Nationals in it.  Plenty of other great  cards as well.  It's a long baseball season so there will be plenty more Topps as the season goes along.

One more National...

34 – Cards
4 – RC
2 – World Series
2 – Team Card
2 – Turkey Red
1 – Decade’s Best
1 – League Leaders
1 – Hoskins Highlight
1 – Gold Parallel #/2020


  1. The Oakland outfielders have some really nice action shots. First Laureano... and now Grossman.

  2. I'm still scratching my head over a Hoskins insert set. The Ripken is nice along with the Nats and the McKay RC.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one. I feel for the guy because I'm sure there are plenty of others thinking the same thing.