Monday, August 25, 2014

Flea Market & Antique Store Finds - Part 3

I don't remember ever having the '94 Skybox football so these are pretty new to me.  John Elway and Bret Favre were my big pulls in this pack.  I can never have enough Elway cards.  These are some pretty nice looking cards.  Not a ton of information on the front where'll you'll only see the player's name, position and the Skybox logo over a football.  Leaves plenty of room for the photos which are pretty nice.  The backgrounds are muted so the only detail is of the player.  This has been done on many different sets throughout the years and is a hit or miss thing for me.  These I like.  I would like to have seen the team's helmet, logo or at the very least their name somewhere on the front but I won't complain too much as again the front looks pretty good.  The back contains a small write-up, an additional photo, the 1993 and career total stats, and the team logo.  It isn't anything fancy but again I like it.  I'll call this a win.  Glad I picked this up and wouldn't mind seeing some more cards from this set.

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