Monday, October 13, 2014

Band of Brothers Book Review

Most probably know the popular HBO TV series based on the book Band of Brothers.  While I'd never seen the series I was familiar with it.  A buddy gave me the book to read.  I'm glad he did as I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The book follows E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne as they start the tough training for their first jump which is into Normandy on D-Day and through to the end of the war.  The book does a great job mixing the personal stories of the individual soldiers, the information needed to provide scope, and additional details to round everything out.  This all made for an easy read that I could have read in one setting given enough time. 
The personal stories are always what make these books.  Too many times though the book becomes a biography of one person or sometimes the big picture is lost and you meander through a story.  This doesn't do any of that.  You can tell the author, Stephen Ambrose by the way, took care to get what is important the soldiers while ensuring the book flows and the reader never gets bogged down.  You get a good feel for what it was like for the soldier as they readied for war and what really happens when that moment finally comes.  You also get what daily life was like as they froze, moved to the rear for a rest and once again moved forward to join the fray.  All the while you get to join in the hardships they must endure. 
If you at all are interested in military history this is a must read.  I enjoyed it immensely and don't think you'll be disappointed.  By chance I started watching the TV series last week.  I also like the show and will finish it up in the upcoming weeks.  Having just read the book I was really impressed how the series goes right off the book.  Always a good thing.  So I'll say I recommend both. 

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