Sunday, October 12, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

Not too many spoilers here so don't fret too much about reading this ahead of seeing the movie.  Though I'm a comic book guy I knew pretty much nothing about the Guardians of the Galaxy prior to watching the movie.  I'd heard of the title but before this year I really doubt many knew much about this group of characters.  I think Marvel did a great job marketing this movie.  Watching the previews I wanted to watch see it.  It also helped that everyone I knew that had already been really enjoyed it.  That included my sisters and all the kids.  So I was really itching to see it and it was still showing in our local theater so I made a point to see it Friday. 

The basic plot is a group of characters who are all have different motives but end up as a group fighting to save the universe.  Comedy is definitely a huge piece of this movie which makes it fun to watch for all ages.  The action and great characters are big piece to the movie as well and should keep everyone engaged.  I really did enjoy the movie and time passed pretty quickly.  I'll be curious if the movie's characters ever interact with the Marvel universe proper like the Avengers or others.  No matter Marvel has a pretty good property here that they can spin into more movies.  Again I liked it and think everyone should give it a look.  And yes there is a bonus scene after the credits. 

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