Friday, October 3, 2014

Jaunt With the Wife

I mentioned in the first blog of the month my "jaunts" with the wife.  For us that usually means a trip down a road that hasn't been called that since wagons ran over it, checking out houses or buildings we assume are abandoned, looking for houses with checkered pasts, or straight up chasing ghosts.  This jaunt was one was just North of town when we lived in Clovis, NM.  It was just off the main highway at a cross road that wasn't spectacular in any way.  Trees lined the corner on most of three sides with the highway side mostly clear.  Clumps of trees are good indicators that something may have been in an area at some point so it wasn't uncommon for us to seem those out.  We quickly saw it was definitely where a house once stood as outlined by what was left of the foundation. 

What we found that was out of the ordinary was what we saw in the picture above.  I wish I had done a better job of getting a picture that truly showed what was there.  What we saw looked like the outline of a small casket you might find in 1800's.  It had dimensions that left little doubt as to what it could be.  The odd part was nothing had been in this spot in many, many years.  As you can see the weeds were overgrown.  There was no reason for this bare patch of dirt that was the perfect outline of a casket. 

We wandered the entire area and never did see anything else that looked that out of place.  Maybe some different parts of this or that we couldn't identify but nothing you wouldn't see at any abandoned spot.  To see this in the middle of this field was really odd.  We've wandered many an abandoned property and never seen anything similar.  I'm also betting we were probably the only ones who had been through there in years as there is no reason to ever stop there.  So how did this come to be?  A natural occurrence that would make perfect sense if we knew the answer?  Or was it really something more oddball, more sinister?  I'm always one to come up with an explanation but this one really escaped me.  Why would this one area of dirt have no grass and have such a specific shape?  There was no indication that anything was buried there.  It just looked like something of that shape had sat there for a very long period of time and been removed just prior to us showing up.  It wasn't anything worth Ripley's but it will always puzzle us and I wanted to share.  The next jaunt I'll post about was definitely more adventurous and I think it will be fun to write about it.
Another Picture of the Area From That Night

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